TR_OPEN - APMonitor Option

 Type: Floating point, Input
 Default Value: 1.0
 Description: Trajectory initial condition spread relative to
              the set point final targets 
              0=trajectories initially with zero separation
              1=tunnel gap equally spaced throughout
              >1=funnel shape gap with larger initial opening,
                 de-emphasizing near term trajectory

TR_OPEN specifies how the initial conditions of the reference trajectory are relative to the final set point targets. An option of 0.0 specifies that the initial conditions for the trajectories should collapse to a single starting value. The near-term trajectory is therefore very prescriptive but then opens up as the trajectory progresses towards steady state targets. An option of 2.0 specifies that the initial opening is twice the separation of SPHI and SPLO. By default, the option of 1.0 is the shape of a tunnel that is of equal width as it progresses towards SPHI and SPLO targets.

See also Controller Tuning, TR_INIT