The chemical compounds used in the flowsheet are defined in the Compounds ... End Compounds section. There are more than 1700 compounds available in the thermodynamic database. If the chemical compound is not available, a text file named compounds.txt is generated when the problem solution is attempted. There are commonly used compounds that are available by default in the trial version of the software.

When only one compound is selected, the modeling system automatically creates a duplicate compound of the same type. This is used to simplify the management of modeling equations that are valid for 2 or greater number of compounds.

Compounds in the Object Library

The object library consists of chemical processing equipment such as feed streams, reactors, pumps, mixers, flash columns, vessels, and distillation stages. The compounds section is used to define the number, type, and order of chemical species in a stream or vessel.

Thermodynamic Properties Available in APMonitor


 ! Example compounds section
 Model heat_exchanger
   End Compounds

     exchanger As Vessel
   End Objects
 End Model