APMonitor Global Options

Global options in APMonitor configure and report application level information. Global options begin with the prefix APM. There are also Local Options that configure and report parameters associated with individual variables or parameters. Below is a list of all global options.

An option can be changed from a MATLAB or Python script. Below is a command to set an option to run the model as a Nonlinear Control application with APM.IMODE=6.


Output options can also be read after the solution with the command to access a tag from the database. If the tag does not exist, a value of -99999 is returned. In this case, the user wants to know if the application was solved successfully by retrieving the APM.APPSTATUS value.

 success_check = apm_tag(s,a,'apm.appstatus')

In this case, the argument s='https://byu.apmonitor.com' is the server address and a='myApp' is the application name. When running a local server, the server address should be changed to s='' or s='https://localhost' .

The following is a list of global options that may be set to configure an APMonitor application. It is a complete list of the configuration parameters for APM type parameters. Each section includes an indication of the variable type (Integer or Real), the default value, data flow, and a brief description. While this list is exhaustive, there are typically only a few of these that are used most commonly for estimation and control.