Download IPOPT for AMPL


IPOPT or 'Interior Point Optimizer' is a large-scale nonlinear programming (NLP) solver. It is part of the the COIN-OR open-source effort for the development of solvers for problems in the field of operations research. The COIN-OR web-site also contains binaries of IPOPT for a variety of operating systems and compilers (link).


This archive contains an IPOPT AMPL executable for use on Windows OS computers. The zip archive contains ipopt.exe. The ipopt.exe reads a file that is produced by ampl.exe to solve nonlinear programming problems.

AMPL is a comprehensive and powerful algebraic modeling language for linear and nonlinear optimization problems, in discrete or continuous variables. Developed at Bell Laboratories, AMPL lets you use common notation and familiar concepts to formulate optimization models and examine solutions, while the computer manages communication with an appropriate solver. AMPL's flexibility and convenience render it ideal for rapid prototyping and model development, while its speed and control options make it an especially efficient choice for repeated production runs. A student version of AMPL can be obtained at the AMPL website.

This IPOPT executable uses MUMPS, a parallel sparse direct solver.

Download IPOPT (v3.9.1) AMPL Executable for Windows

IPOPT Libraries

The COIN-OR web-site contains binaries of IPOPT for a variety of operating systems and compilers (link).

Once the package has been downloaded and unzipped, an example problems can be compiled and linked to the IPOPT library. The following contains a Fortran90 interface to IPOPT.

Download IPOPT Libraries

Download Fortran90 Interface Source


IPOPT is a solver supported in the APMonitor Modeling Language. An online version of APMonitor can be accessed through the following interface:

APMonitor Quick Start Guide

APMonitor Online Solutions with IPOPT and MUMPS