TR_INIT - APMonitor Option

 Type: Integer, Input
 Default Value: 2
 Description: Trajectory initialization
              1=re-center with coldstart/out-of-service
              2=re-center always

TR_INIT is an option to specify how the initial conditions of the reference trajectory should change with each cycle. An option of 0 specifies that the initial conditions should start at SPHI and SPLO, creating an unchanging target over the horizon. An option of 1 makes the initial conditions equal to the current process variable value only on coldstart (APM.COLDSTART>=1) or with APM.CTRLMODE <=2 when the controller is out of service. Otherwise, the reference trajectory is updated from the first step of the prior solution. When TR_INIT=2, the reference trajectory realigns to the controlled variable (CV) initial condition with each cycle. Each CV can have a different TR_INIT.

See also Controller Tuning, TR_OPEN