DMAX - APMonitor Option

 Type: Floating Point, Input
 Default Value: 1.0e20
 Description: Delta FV or MV maximum step per horizon interval

Applies a hard constraint that prevents the FV or MV from being changed by more than the specified value in one time step. This can be used to prevent large jumps in the MV value in the case where that is either undesirable or infeasible. The time step is defined as the length of the first time step in the csv file. DMAX is automatically scaled if subsequent time steps are different.

DMAX is the maximum that the FV or MV can be moved by the optimizer each cycle. DMAXHI is the maximum the value can move up in one cycle. DMAXLO is the maximum the value can move down in one cycle. Of the three conditions, APMonitor takes the most restrictive. Suppose that DMAX = 5, DMAXHI=10, and DMAXLO = -2. The maximum up movement is +5 because DMAX is more restrictive than DMAXHI. The maximum down movement is -2 because DMAXLO is more restrictive than DMAX.