The DBS file parameter imode is used to control the simulation mode. This option is set to 3 for steady-state optimization.

 apm.imode = 3

 % MATLAB example

 # Python example

This mode is equivalent to the steady-state simulation, except that additional degrees of freedom are allowed. Degrees of freedom can be allocated with the STATUS parameter of MV type variables. Each STATUS parameter that is set to 1 (ON) generates an additional degree of freedom. Slack variables are also included as degrees of freedom for handling of equation inequalities. These slack variables effectively inactivate an equation when it is not bounded by the inequality.

The optimization mode is available in the free on-line trial of APMonitor. The online trial is a web-based offering that allows users to submit an APM model file.

Online Web-based Interface

All other modes are accessable with the command line program or through the APMonitor Online interface.