APMonitor Options Overview

The database file contains options and model inputs. The following is an exhaustive list of the configuration parameters for APM type and FV, MV, SV, CV type. Each option (Global or Local) includes an indication of the variable type (Integer or Real), the default value, data flow, and description.

Global Application Options

Global configuration parameters control the overall options for the application and are read before the model is parsed or data is input into the model structure. These parameters are read regardless of the value of APM.DBS_READ. When APM.DBS_READ = 0 (OFF) only the options associated with variables are skipped.

 Global Options List

FV, MV, SV, and CV (Local) Options

Local options are associated only with parameters declared as Fixed Values (FVs) or Manipulated Variables (MVs) and variables declared as State Variables (SVs) or Controlled Variables (CVs). These options are not read when APM.DBS_READ = 0 (OFF).

 Local Options List

Options are stored in DBS files. When an option is changed with a call to apm_option, a line is added to the overrides.dbs file. When a measurement is recorded with apm_meas, a line is added to measurements.dbs.