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APMonitor Download Instructions

The APMonitor program is contained in a single executable APM.exe. Versions of the executable can be run from a command line interface on Windows or Linux platforms or through the web GUI with APMonitor Online.

Solve Algebraic Models (Freely Available)
Solve Differential and Algebraic Models (Registration Required)

Registration can be obtained by requesting access from online interface. A confirmation e-mail will be sent to the address that was submitted. Alternately, send an e-mail to with the request and a brief description of your interests for using the software.

APMonitor Online Interface

With an online account, you'll also have access to a web-based interface to APMonitor. The online interface is a web-based client that displays project files, includes a model editor, and trends real-time results.


  • Management of change (MOC) with user logs of every modification
  • User accounts for customized access rights
  • Operator, Supervisor, and Engineer controls
  • Application hosting on company intranet or APMonitor's internet server
  • Installed on Linux, Unix, or Windows servers
  • Communication links via HTTP, FTP, ODBC, OPC, and Modbus protocols