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 Default Value: -1.0e20
 Default Value: -1.23456789e20
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See also [[Main/OptionUpper|UPPER]]
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%width=50px%Attach:fv.png  %width=50px%Attach:mv.png  %width=50px%Attach:sv.png  %width=50px%Attach:cv.png
%width=50px%Attach:fv.png  %width=50px%Attach:mv.png  %width=50px%Attach:sv.png  %width=50px%Attach:cv.png [[Main/DbsVariable|Local Options]] | %width=30px%Attach:apm.png [[Main/DbsGlobal|Global Options]]
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(:title LOWER - APMonitor Option:)
(:keywords LOWER, Optimization, Estimation, Option, Configure, Default, Description:)
(:description Lower bound:)

%width=50px%Attach:fv.png  %width=50px%Attach:mv.png  %width=50px%Attach:sv.png  %width=50px%Attach:cv.png

 Type: Floating Point, Input
 Default Value: -1.0e20
 Description: Lower bound

LOWER is the the lower limit of a variable. If the variable guess value is below the lower limit, it is adjusted to the lower limit. The lower limit is also checked with the upper limit to ensure that it is less than or equal to the upper limit. If the lower limit is equal to the upper limit, the variable is fixed at that value.