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(:title APM.MV_TYPE - APMonitor Option:) (:keywords APM.MV_TYPE, Optimization, Estimation, Option, Configure, Default, Description:) (:description Manipulated variable type: 0=zero order hold, 1=linear:)

 Type: Integer, Input
 Default Value: 0
 Description: Manipulated variable type
              0=zero order hold
              1=first order hold (linear)

MV_TYPE specifies either a zero order hold (0) or a first order linear (1) interpolation between the MV endpoints. When the MV_STEP_HOR is two or greater, the MV_TYPE is applied only to each segment where adjustments are allowed. The MV segment is otherwise equal to the prior time segment. The MV_TYPE only influences the solution when the number of NODES is between 3 and 6. It is not important when NODES=2 because there are no interpolation nodes between the endpoints.