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Refer to [[|Options for apopt.opt]] for additional details for the '''APOPT''' solver and [[|Options for ipopt.opt file]] for additional details for the '''IPOPT''' solver.
Refer to [[|Options for apopt.opt]] for additional details for the '''APOPT''' solver and [[|Options for ipopt.opt]] for additional details for the '''IPOPT''' solver.
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Options for solvers can be set using configuration parameters such as [[Main/OptionApmMaxIter|MAX_ITER]] or else by creating an options file such as '''ipopt.opt''' or '''apopt.opt'''. Below is an example of setting options for the [[|APOPT solver]] for a mixed integer nonlinear programming solution. The ''File...End File'' section creates a new '''apopt.opt''' file when APMonitor compiles the model file.

 File apopt.opt
  minlp_maximum_iterations 10000
  minlp_max_iter_with_int_sol 500
  minlp_as_nlp 1
  minlp_branch_method 3
  minlp_gap_tol 1.0e-2
  minlp_integer_tol 1.0e-2
  minlp_integer_max 2.0e9
  minlp_integer_leaves 1
  minlp_print_level 1
  nlp_maximum_iterations 500
  objective_convergence_tolerance 1.0e-6
  constraint_convergence_tolerance 1.0e-6
 End File

Refer to [[|Options for apopt.opt]] for additional details for the '''APOPT''' solver and [[|Options for ipopt.opt file]] for additional details for the '''IPOPT''' solver.
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%width=50px%Attach:apm.png [[Main/DbsGlobal|Global Options]] | %width=30px%Attach:fv.png %width=30px%Attach:mv.png %width=30px%Attach:sv.png %width=30px%Attach:cv.png[[Main/DbsVariable|Local Options]]
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See also [[Main/OptionApmMaxIter|MAX_ITER]], [[Main/OptionApmMaxTime|MAX_TIME]]
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(:title APM.SOLVER - APMonitor Option:)
(:keywords APM.SOLVER, Optimization, Estimation, Option, Configure, Default, Description:)
(:description Solver options: 0 = Benchmark All Solvers, 1-5 = Available Solvers Depending on License:)


 Type: Integer, Input
 Default Value: 3
 Description: Solver options
              0 = Benchmark All Solvers
              1-5 = Available Solvers Depends on License

SOLVER selects the solver to use in an attempt to find a solution. There are free solvers: 1: APOPT, 2: BPOPT, 3: IPOPT distributed with the public version of the software. There are additional solvers that are not included with the public version and require a commercial license. IPOPT is generally the best for problems with large numbers of degrees of freedom or when starting without a good initial guess. BPOPT has been found to be the best for systems biology applications. APOPT is generally the best when warm-starting from a prior solution or when the number of degrees of freedom (Number of Variables - Number of Equations) is less than 2000. APOPT is also the only solver that handles Mixed Integer problems. Use option 0 to compare all available solvers.